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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

TAG dari cik CT

First time di tag nie...by cik ct yg cute itu...thanks dear...

RULES: it's harder than it looks..copy to your own notes..erase my answer..enter yours and tag twenty (20) people..use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions..they have to be real..nothing made up..if the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answer..you cannot use any words twice.&.you can't use ur name for the boy / girl name question.
Aku try jawab soklan ni sebaik mungkin, mula2 tu cem berat sket...tapi lama2 fikir tu...senang je...hehehe..(bkn berlagak tau)...ok dik Ct...best tak jawa
pan kat bawah nie....
What is your name : Baizura
A four letter word : Busy
A boy's name : Baby Bucuk
A girl's name : Badrisya (always appear in my life)
An occupation : Buy screw, washer, label and bla3…
A colour : Black
Something ur wear : Belt for my big jeans
A food : Black pepper chicken chop
Something found in the bathroom : Body scrub
A place : Bedroom
A reason to being late : Bus driver drive too slow
Something u shout : Be the best Mom in the World!!!
A movie title : Batman Begins
Something u drink : Bicarbonat
A musical group : Backstreet Boy
An animal : Bear
A street name : Bendahara Street
A type of car : BMW
ok..nak tag nie pada sesapa saja yg rajin jawab tag, boleh tak..sila ambil..
kalau tak pernah buat lagi tu buat la ye...


Cik Ct Fadzil™ said...

salam.. kak.., ct cute??? xssuai2.. heheek..
kak chantik... (^_^)

p/s ; ct bg 5 bntank 1/2 kt kak.. (^_^)
trma ksih taw sbb jwb... :)

~suNshiNe~ said...

cute la dear...

thanks..ada masa blh jwb..

hanaKir@ said...

hehehe..maceh taw tagged me..sob3

azzey said...

Sunshine: Enjoy this game...hu3....

~suNshiNe~ said...

azzey : ya, agak pening jugak nak bagi jawapan...